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Screen Shot: "Quatto's Palace" from The Darkest Hour   DooM-Related Links:

These are popular DooM-related sites, plus some sites I recommend.

Monster Sites:

DooMWorld - This is probably the oldest continuously operating DooM-related site. Visit here for news, forums on DooM editing, levels, etc., links to tutorials, utilities, and other resources, and plenty more.

New DooM - New Doom is a well-established site on the DooM scene, and it's a well-laid out site with news, forums, and resources. Many regulars to DooMWorld also visit New DooM.

DooM Center - DooM Center, sadly, has died an untimely death. The site is defunct, and cannot be accessed any more.

ZDooM - Randy Heit's incredible source port ZDooM is showcased at this site. In addition to hosting Rick Clark's excellent ZDooM tutorials, this site has its own editing information, plus forums and more.

TeamTNT - The home of the people that brought you the excitement and wonder of Eternal DooM and Icarus, the fierce combat of Bloodlands, and the innovation of the BooM engine.

Links to Editing Tutorials, FAQs, etc:

The Unofficial Wad Designer's Handbook - First released on-line in 1996, this gem of an editing guide was updated in 1998 and is an absolute must-read for those new to DooM editing.

Getting Started With DooM Editing - John Bishop's easy-to-read document includes the basics, design tips, and some advanced techniques for editing.

The Wadster's Guide - Matt Fell provides a comprehensive document on the structure of a WAD, dis-assembling every aspect to reveal the core. This is a rather technical document, but is an essential component of a serious DooM editor's library.

The ZDooM Knowledge Base - Rick "Wild Man" Clark has put together an unsurpassed set of tutorials on editing for ZDooM. Using screen-shots and other illustrations, Rick walks the reader through the steps of creating the marvellous special effects that ZDooM offers.

TeamTNT's BooM Support - Hosted by DooMWorld, this set of tutorials explains the tricks of the editing gurus at Team TNT, from wind effects to deep water. Many of these tricks are incorporated into the newer source ports, but TeamTNT got it all started with their BooM engine.

DeHacked Information & Tutorials - Nigel Rowand has been building a library of tutorials he's written on using DeHacked. Not only does he dislay a remarkable grasp of the editing capabilities of DeHacked, but he also writes clearly and concisely.

3DArchives - 3DArchives is an excellent repository of editing documents, FAQs, and miscellaneous information to satisfy the appetite of even the most voracious DooM editor.

DooM Wad Station - Bob Larkin's site is a repository for many well-known and lesser-known TCs, megawads, and wads. It recently became the official site of HACX, a once-commercial add-on for DooM2.

Team Hell Spawn - A site for wads done by the team, textures they've created, and even a message board. Listen out for the sombre music that greets visitors to the main page. Wicked!