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April 18, 2003

Well, my friends, Dawn: A Prelude is history. At approximately 1816 hours Eastern Daylight Savings Time today I wrapped up the final package and uploaded it to /incoming of 3DGamers' archives. I feel like I've finally gotten a monkey off my back. After one year and four months I have completed a project that I believed was essentially complete a year ago.

The Relusian Space Station was my nightmare and my fantasy. With its cylindrical geometry, hub configuration, and multi-level structure it was at once a challenge and a thorn in my side. But I'm pleased to report that it's finished to my satisfaction, as is the final map, Quatto's Palace. Now I can get back to my DooM1 Episode 1 project with a clear conscience.

My one regret is that Nigel did not get to play test the final package before I uploaded it to /incoming. (He has individually played and commented on four of the five levels.) He has been missed on the forums for a week or so, and my email to him from a few days ago went unanswered. He may be on vacation, and hopefully all is well with him. When I didn't hear back from him I decided to play test the set myself, which I did repeatedly, until I was satisfied there were no problems.

Download Dawn: A Prelude

My Map18 (Sudden Death) for the Community Chest project was completed three weeks ago. It's a fairly large-sized map (818 kB unzipped) with almost 6000 linedefs (but only 480 sectors), and 221 enemies on UV. It features a 3D bridge and window-over-window, both using only vanilla DooM tricks. It has a base theme with varied environments (sewers & waste processing, nuke treatment, computer section, outdoor areas, etc.), decent traps, goodly assortment of enemies, and tough but never overwhelming gameplay.

Imperial Penal Colony: Lodai Asteroid Cluster Imperial Penal Colony: Lodai Asteroid Cluster
A small holding facility for hardened inter-stellar criminals, the Lodai penitentiary is swarming with Imperial troops and mechs. Do you have what it takes to break out of this joint? Find out, when you play Dawn: A Prelude.

"Dawn: A Prelude" is a 5-level mission pack to The Darkest Hour; the pack is meant as a prequel to TDH. It begins with Wrok Onmo being held at the Imperial Penal Colony in the Lodai Asteroid Field. His "associates" in his gang (The Pain Elementals) break him out so that he can travel to the Palace of Quatto the Hutt. Quatto wants to commission him to steal the plans to the Imperial Cybernetics Facility. After breaking out, Onmo hops off the asteroid in a shuttle and arrives at the Imperial Moon Base on Tellite Sem, where after wreaking havoc, he flies off to the Relusian space station in the Urvek System. From there he stows aboard the Imperial Battle Cruiser Ironicus, which is headed for the Tatooine system. Finally, he jumps ship on Tatooine, and fights his way up the Sidaar River Canyons past bounty hunters and rival gang-lord troops, before getting to Quatto's Palace.

Imperial Moon Base: Tellite Sem Imperial Moon Base: Tellite Sem
Chock full of Imperial troops, mechs, and other surprises, this map is an early challenge. Fans of Dark Forces will get a kick out of this one, as some areas are modeled from the Secret Base (Map01). It's definitely not a walk in the park, however. Stock up on those rockets -- you'll need them.

The Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour is a 7-level hub set in the Star Wars universe, using enemies, weapons, graphics, sounds, and music from Dark Forces. Play the role of Wrok Onmo, leader of a vicious gang of interstellar mercenaries in the service of Quatto the Hutt, as he battles Imperial forces and bounty hunters alike.

The Darkest Hour made it into the list of 2001 Great DooM Releases, by Doomer's Recess. Follow the link below.

Download The Darkest Hour

One of 2001's Great DooM Releases

Imperial Moon Base: Thal Vaishet