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A Hex on You: The Keep Face an angry Mancubus (or three). Explore the courtyards with their graceful arches and blue fountains. Raise a glass in the local tavern. Kneel for Vespers in the ghostly chapel, and tread softly in the library. They all await to put a hex on you.

A Hex on You: The Keep The main keep of the castle is complete with stained glass windows, suits of armor, a throne room, master bed chamber (includes luxury bath with the upgraded jacuzzi), and viewing pavilions. Plus the nice and friendly staff are eager to make your aquaintance.

Paranoia: Utilities Does the little Mawman and ugly Behemoth frighten the big bad Space Marine? Does the Marine wish he could be comforted by his widdle teddy bear? WELL WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GUNPOWDER, SOLDIER, 'CAUSE THIS SURE AIN'T NO PICNIC!!!

Paranoia:Research Labs This is a picture of one of the lab areas where the alien specimens are being held in stasis. Should you tiptoe past them or should you wake them up and hope you can all be friends?

Phoenix Rising: Flight of the Phoenix "Keep in mind that we're going to scramble our security protocols and you'll be reduced to alpha-level clearance only. Clean up the joint if you can, and then your best bet is to try to make it to the Comm. Center to contact the others. Then get to the Shuttle Port and fly the hell out of here."

Phoenix Rising: The Smell of Death This is part of the waste teatment facility, deep under the Rockport Command Center, somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. Date: April 1, 2057

Phoenix Rising: Flight of the Phoenix Re-enter the installation, wreak havoc in Research, arm yourself in Weapons Systems, check out the bad-asses in Cybernetics, find your way back into the Stasis Chamber, phone home in the Comm. Center, and finally rev up those engines in the Shuttle Port.

Temple of the Ancients: Power Plant Not a very friendly bugger, is he? Not to worry, there's a whole host of his friends waiting on the other side of that door. No dearth of friends. Friends just crawling out of the woodwork and coming out of the wazoo. Exciting, no?

Temple of the Ancients: Power Plant Don't let the starry skies and breathtaking landscape fool you. From the start you'll be under siege by a goodly assortment of bad guys and other nasties.

Temple of the Ancients: Krakatoa In May of 1998, while excavating a layer of shale for dinosaur fossils in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a team of archaeologists uncovered .... an artifact that experts concluded was of extra-terrestrial origin. By 1999 the team had uncovered what could only be described as an alien Command Center.... and discovered something even more fantastic. The facility had three "gateways", or Link-Ports as they were dubbed.