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About the Gates of DooM

Pink Floyd aficionados will immediately recognize the reference to their album "Piper at the Gates of Dawn". It seemed fitting to create the Gates of DooM, and have you the visitor be the Piper that seeks entry through the Gates.

The Maps have all been previously released, and all are available at This site, therefore, is primarily meant to be some sort of repository for those maps. However, the "What's Not Old" Page will serve to provide updates on any new project on which I may be working.

Prepare for chaos in "A Hex On You"

Links to Maps

Wads requiring a source port to prevent VPO errors:

Pugilist -- 3 levels for DooM2
Fear Island -- 1 level for DooM2
Decimate -- 1 level for DooM2
Military Industrial Complex -- 1 level for DooM2


A Hex on You -- 3 levels using Hexen2 textures (source port required)
Phoenix Rising -- 5 levels using Quake2 textures (source port required)
Paranoia -- 5 levels using Half-Life textures/enemies/sounds, for ZDooM
Temple of the Ancients -- 5-level hub, Q3A textures, Q2 weapons, ZDooM
The Darkest Hour -- 7-level hub set in the Star Wars universe, for ZDooM
Dawn: A Prelude -- 5-level hub that's a prequel to The Darkest Hour, for ZDooM

Wads requiring no source port:

Arena -- 1 level for DooM2
Invictus Invictus.wad -- 1 level for DooM
Something Wicked This Way Comes -- 1 level, DooM2 (Wicked Series)
Wickedly Simple -- 1 level, DooM2 (Wicked Series)
No Rest for the Wicked -- 1 level, DooM2 (Wicked Series)
And the Wicked Shall Perish -- 1 level, DooM2 (Wicked Series)
Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked -- 1 level, DooM2 (Wicked Series)

Temple of the Ancients: - 5-level hub, set in a variety of environments. You start in a command center, but explore medieval and techno-medieval areas as you uncover the secrets of the Temple of the Ancients.

These levels extensively use Q3A textures, and a few Q1 & Q2 textures. They also feature cool new skies, and scripting. ZDooM features include translucency, laser barriers, underwater environments, true elevators, colored lighting, fog, slippery surfaces (ice), quakes, 3D bridges, etc.

Paranoia: - 5 levels, set in a Military Research installation in the desert South-West of the U.S. The main focus of the research is in Genetics, so there are a variety of Labs and computer centers. There are also waste and water treatment areas, storage bays, specimen containment areas, and power generators. Being a military installation there are armories, barracks, security posts, holding cells, and a Medical Center. There is even an Administration section (with offices), as well as bathrooms, a lounge, and vending machines. Plus lots of human and alien enemies!

These levels extensively use Half Life textures, weapons, and enemies. They also feature a cool new sky, and scripting. ZDooM features include translucency, laser and force-field barriers, underwater environments, true elevators, colored lighting, fog, slippery surfaces (ice), quakes ... the list goes on.